Terms of use

Welcome to the Micro-Tech Europe GmbH Extranet.

Micro-Tech Europe GmbH shall grant you access to the Extranet on condition that you and your company or organization accept and comply with the following terms of use.

The terms and conditions of use shall apply between Micro-Tech Europe GmbH (hereinafter referred to as "MTE") and the respective registered user and his company or organization (hereinafter referred to as the “user”) of the Extranet at www.mte-partner.com (hereinafter referred to as the “Extranet”).

Users of the Extranet can only be persons who are in partnership or business contact with MTE in the exercise of their commercial or self-employed professional activity.

The terms of use contain the terms and conditions in force between MTE and the user for the services offered by MTE via the Extranet. The user acknowledges these terms of use as authoritative and explicitly agreed.


    1. The Extranet is a closed and free, Internet-based platform through which MTE makes product and application information as well as marketing materials in the form of data, documents, films and images (hereinafter "Content") available to its field staff, subsidiaries, sales partners and customers. Furthermore, users can transmit content to MTE via the Extranet, which MTE can make available to other users on the Extranet.
    2. MTE has the unlimited right to update, supplement, change or remove any content within the Extranet as well as access rights of various user groups at any time and to set up further user groups with their respective access rights.
    3. The prerequisite for use of the Extranet is access to the Internet. The user must create or ensure this at his own expense. If additional programs are required for the readability or use of content (e.g. readers for documents in *.pdf format), the user must keep these available and update them independently.

    1. Users can only register on the Extranet upon invitation by MTE. The invitation shall be sent by e-mail to the individual e-mail address of the user. In order to be able to register on the Extranet following an invitation, the user must assign a secure password in accordance with specified minimum requirements.
    2. There is no right to a registration invitation to the Extranet.

    1. In order to be able to use the scope of services of the Extranet, the user must fill in the required mandatory data when registering for the first time: Position, telephone number, postal address, and headquarters of the company or organization. Details of an additional mobile number is optional.
    2. E-mail address, first name, surname and name of the company or organization are data necessary for the invitation and unmistakable assignment of a user and are specified by MTE. If they are incorrect or incomplete, they can only be changed or updated by MTE upon individual request.
    3. In the course of initial registration and completion of the user profile, the user must agree to these terms of use and the privacy policy. If the user does not provide the above information and consent, the Extranet cannot be used.
    4. The user or his company or organization shall be obliged to notify future changes to the information provided without delay or to update it in his user profile.
    5. MTE shall be entitled to withdraw the user's access to the Extranet with immediate effect if either the user fails to comply with this notification obligation or if there are changes in the business relationship between MTE and the user, for example if the user moves to other companies or organizations that have no partnership or business relationship with MTE.

    1. After successful registration and initial login, the user can log on to the Extranet at any time by entering his e-mail address and password and use contents and functions within the scope of his access rights.
    2. The user can create a new password using the Forgot Password function.
    3. MTE shall reserve the right to impose regular password reset requirements for security reasons. If a password reset request is made when logging in, the user will receive an email and must renew his password.

    1. The user shall be obliged to close his account properly after each use of the Extranet. If the user has been inactive for more than 30 minutes, an automatic log-out is performed.
    2. The user's individual access data for the Extranet may only be used by the respective authorized user. The user is responsible for all actions carried out using his access data, especially the uploading of data and content via the upload function.
    3. The user shall be obligated to keep his individual access data secret, to protect them from unauthorized access by third parties and to inform MTE immediately if there is any suspicion of misuse by a third party. The user shall indemnify MTE from any liability or provide compensation for damages resulting from the use or misuse of his individual access data.
    4. If MTE learns of the unauthorized use of an account, this account shall be blocked immediately.

    1. The user has the option of deleting or blocking the account himself. The user or his company or organization may request an irrevocable blocking of his account by sending a clear statement in writing to MTE. The statement must be provided to: MICRO-TECH Europe GmbH, Mündelheimer Weg 36, 40472 Düsseldorf, Germany or by e-mail to: team@mte-partner.com be sent under the keyword "account blocking" and stating the e-mail address, first and last name and company/organization name. MTE shall then promptly arrange blocking of the account.
    2. MTE shall be entitled to withdraw the user's access to the Extranet at any time without notice (account blocking) if the partnership or business contact with MTE ceases or if the user has violated these terms of use.
    3. Excluded users are issued a virtual house ban. MTE shall reserve the right to claim damages for breach of the terms of use.
    4. MTE shall reserve the right to store technically necessary user data even after an account has been blocked, as the user has the opportunity to make content available himself via the upload function for provision on the Extranet. This storage is necessary in order to be able to clearly assign content provided by the user even after his account has been blocked.

    1. The user has the option of using the upload function to make content available for provision to other users on the Extranet. MTE reserves the right to check the content made available by the user via the upload function and to make it available to other users on the Extranet only after checking. MTE has the right to decide which user groups are given access to the content made available. Should MTE judge the content provided to be unsuitable, the user has no claim to the provision of the content on the Extranet.
    2. Users shall be solely responsible for the data or content they place on the Extranet under their individual access data. They must ensure that all relevant laws and regulations are observed. The user shall be prohibited from uploading and making available content via the upload function of the Extranet which violates legal regulations, official orders or offends against public decency. Furthermore, the user shall be prohibited from uploading content that infringes the rights of third parties - in particular copyrights, license or trademark rights.
    3. The user shall guarantee MTE that he has all necessary requirements and rights to upload the data and content via the upload function and to make it available to other users of the Extranet.
    4. If a user posts content protected by intellectual property rights on the Extranet, the user shall hereby declare that the rights holder of such protected content has granted all necessary rights for the distribution of the content on the Extranet. In this respect, the holder of rights has effectively and irrevocably granted the user the non-exclusive right to use, imitate, modify, edit, publish, translate, distribute worldwide and link to other content in the Extranet via the upload function, free of charge and unlimited in time and space. By making content available via the upload function, the user shall grant MTE, itself or on behalf of the rights holder, the non-exclusive right to distribute, modify, edit, publish or translate such content on the Extranet, without limitation in time or space. Granting of rights shall also include the right for MTE to integrate the content provided into the Extranet and make it available for use by other users of the Extranet.
    5. The user shall be obligated to replace all damages to MTE, which MTE incurs due to culpable failure to observe the obligations from points 7.2 - 7.4. He shall expressly indemnify MTE against all claims that third parties may assert against MTE due to the infringement of their rights or due to violations of law resulting from the content posted by the user. In this respect, the user shall also assume the costs of MTE's legal defense, including all court and legal fees.
    6. The user shall not be entitled to send offers and requests to MTE via the Extranet. No business arrangements shall be made via the Extranet.

    1. With regard to the type, scope and use of the provided content on the Extranet, the user shall have no legal right with regard to certain content or functions. MTE reserves all rights, in particular copyrights, license rights and property rights, to all content made accessible within the framework of using the portal.
    2. The user shall receive a simple right to use the content, limited temporally, spatially and contentwise. All content may be used by the user solely for the services and purposes specified by MTE and within the time and geographic scope specified by MTE. They must be returned or destroyed after the end of the business relationship of the user and his company / organization or after the end of Extranet use by the user.
    3. The user shall be obligated to refrain from passing on the content provided on the Extranet to third parties for viewing or use, even after termination of the business relationship between the user and his company or organization or after termination of Extranet use.
  9. NEWS

    1. MTE shall reserve the right to inform the user by e-mail when new content is available on the Extranet. The user shall then receive a notification to his individual e-mail address with which he is logged onto the Extranet.

    1. In principle, MTE shall only be liable for damage caused intentionally or by gross negligence on the part of MTE or its vicarious agents. Notwithstanding the above, MTE shall also be liable for simple negligence in the event of breach of material obligations (cardinal obligations). Liability for the violation of essential obligations shall be limited to typical and foreseeable damages. Any liability of MTE for indirect damage, consequential damage or loss of profit is furthermore excluded. In the event of injury to life, body or health and in the event of an intentional or grossly negligent breach of duty by MTE or its vicarious agents, MTE's liability shall be governed without restriction by the statutory provisions.
    2. MTE shall not be liable for the correctness, accuracy, completeness and topicality of the content of the Extranet. MTE shall also not be responsible for the content of third parties and for the content and data provided by users.
    3. Use of the Extranet by the user shall be done on his own risk. MTE shall accept no liability for the possibility of access to the Extranet or for the access quality and freedom from viruses of the Extranet or for faults within the line network. Rather, the users themselves must obtain access to the Internet at their own expense and risk and keep the necessary equipment available. In particular, MTE shall accept no liability for the loss or incomplete, late or otherwise improper transmission of data or content. The user alone shall be responsible for any damage to his computer system or loss of data resulting from the downloading of content via the Extranet.
    4. Insofar as the Extranet offers the possibility of forwarding to databases, websites, services, etc., the customer shall be informed of this fact. MTE shall not be liable for the accessibility, existence or security of these databases or services, nor for the content of these. In particular, MTE shall not be liable for their legality, correctness of content, completeness, timeliness or accuracy.

    1. MTE shall at all times have the right, at its sole discretion and with or without notice to the user, to modify or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, the Extranet or any part thereof. MTE does not accept any liability for changes, failures or interruptions to the Extranet.

    1. MTE shall reserve the right to update, revise or amend these terms of use at any time at its sole discretion. They shall be binding in their respective version.
    2. Users shall be informed by MTE about changes to the terms of use. By continuing to use the Extranet, users agree to changes in the terms of use. All changes shall be binding as soon as they have been published on the Extranet.
    3. Information on the processing of personal data shall be provided in the separate privacy policy.

    1. Should any individual provision of these terms of use be or become invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. The omitted provision shall be replaced by a provision that comes as close as possible to it in a legally permissible manner. The same shall apply in case of a loophole.
    2. The terms of use shall be subject to German law.
    3. Exclusive place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising out of or in connection with these terms of use shall be Düsseldorf, Germany, to the extent permitted by law.